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    Lisza Crisalle

    We all know GOOGLE is the “World Library” of all, however what other resources do you use for research, if any? Please post below….

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    Lori Gibson

    Good question Lisza!

    I honestly love doing the research myself, maybe its my science life style or always being curious, I get a better grasp for it if I discover first hand. Although, if I am to do research I normal go more formal with a book in my hand, scholar journals, or a bunch of youtube videos.

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    Luis Crisalle

    I of course, also use Google so that I can get to the right PubMed article as well as to be able to compare what I find in PubMed to other sources that “Uncle Google” may have provided.
    Having been in the field for over 30 years, I also have many scholar connections currently doing research that I often reach out to when a particular question arises.

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