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    How do you start your day? I recently started the Miracle Morning where we get up really early (in my case that’s 5am) and start doing SAVERS.

    S= Silence (Meditation)
    A= Affirmations
    V= Visualizations
    E= Exercise
    R= Reading (Self improvement book)
    S= Scribe (aka Journaling)

    I’m enjoying the fact that I’ve done all this good stuff for myself before 6-6:30am
    that alone makes me feel good about myself and the rest of the day.

    I like the routine there’s comfort in it for me.

    There’s a quote from Jim Rohn that is also mentioned in the book
    “Your Level of Success Will Seldom Exceed Your Level of Personal Development”

    Do you agree?

    What is your morning routine?

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    Lisza Crisalle

    OMG – I LOVE Miracle Morning!!!

    Thank you for reminding me to get back to that!
    Yes! I so agree with the Jim Rohn quote.
    My preferred morning routine is to get up, make coffee, meditate, drink coffee, go change and go to the gym!
    My “actual” morning routine right now is not that! More like – get up, make coffee, check my messages, drink coffee, start planning my day, go to the gym if I can squeeze it in.
    Back to my preferred morning routine it is!!

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    Lori Gibson

    I like that morning routine! I’ll have to give that a try.
    My morning routine goes:

    Wake up
    Set kettle for tea,
    Morning yoga (while water heats up)
    Drink tea and Sit outside to relax (read, play a game, draw, write)
    Walk dogs
    Breakfast and feed the dogs
    Get ready for the day

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    Luis Crisalle

    My morning routine is pretty much like Lisza’s ;o)
    Wake up at 5:40 am and the automatic coffee maker is set to brew at 5:30 am (thank you Honey for setting it up the night before) ;o)
    Take 10g (2 teaspoons) Glutamine + 3 fish oil capsules along with my DHEA
    Drink 32oz of Kangen water
    Drink 2 cups of coffee
    Get my pre workout Xtend BCAA’s ready for gym
    Eat a Power Crunch bar before leaving the house
    Drive to the gym while drinking my BCAA’s
    When I get to the gym, do my exercises
    Do my workout routine for the day.
    Head home to have a post workout shake, shower, change and start work.
    Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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    Lisza Crisalle

    Morning routine update: We have now completed 16 of the last 17 days of our Miracle Morning routine. I LOVE the feeling of clarity and accomplishment.

    Thank you Robyn for reminding us of this – we are in 100% and it has been groundbreaking for us! LOVE!!!

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