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    I love Mondays! Don’t you? Mondays are like a January 1st day, I get to start over and create new goals!

    I love to set up at least one goal for my business for the week.

    What is your business goal for the week? What’s that one thing you can do that will help your business move forward?

    Remember, the goal has to be for YOUR business, not a client’s, not to finish your to-do list, but something you can do for your business that will help you grow.

    Do you want to know what mine is… Ok since you asked…

    My goal for my business this week is to finish my content marketing certification, I have one more class and I do the exam, this certification will help me grow my business and grow my credibility!

    So please share in this thread, what your business goal is!

    Have an awesome Monday!

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    Lisza Crisalle

    Oooh, this is good Robyn!!

    Love this approach. First, we set our intention for the day first thing in the morning – during our Miracle Morning routine. When I do the visualization and the writing sections I clearly set my intention/goals for the day. However, what you mention here is the next step for the week. So, my goal for the week is to complete updating our email campaign that we are finalizing for our big event. That is one item that will be DONE this week!

    Phew! Glad to get that out of the way!! 🙂

    Anybody else want to chime in here???

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