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    Understanding the Abundance Mindset…You give away praise, recognition, ideas, knowledge and money because you know there’s plenty to go around. What you give away will come back to you a thousand times over. We guarantee it.

    Here are 5 Tips to Live an Abundant Life

    1. Remember to choose Happy.  Emotional enemies such as doubt and fear can hold you back from achieving your goals. Write down your top three accomplishments and put this list somewhere obvious as a reminder of your worth.

    2. Level up. Who would you be if money, time or other commitments weren’t a factor? What could you accomplish if nothing stood in your way? Take time to reflect on your life and ensure you’re living the best version of you.

    3. Embrace Optimism. Struggling to see a brighter future? Remind yourself that life—and negative situations—are cyclical. What was once the biggest problem in your life is now only a blip in the rearview mirror.

    4. Continue Learning. Sign up for one new class or online course this week. It might not benefit your career or make you wealthier, but it will increase your knowledge, which is vital to your growth. Embrace a student mindset.

    5. Give Kindness. Reach out with words of encouragement this week. Kindness has a physiological effect on both the giver and the receiver, so embrace the gift you give to yourself and others.

    Now let us know how you are doing….

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