3 Quick Tips to Get Clients to Give You Testimonials

Testimonials can be a very effective way to sell more of your services. Website visitors look for “social proof” when they’re consider hiring someone to perform a task. They want to know if the person they’re outsourcing to is trustworthy.

If site visitors have a choice between two professionals who are in the same price range, most clients will decide to work with the one who has plenty of testimonials sprinkled onto their website. This means getting testimonials for your site is important if you hope to have a steady stream of new clients.
But some professionals don’t know how to ask clients for testimonials. If that’s your problem as well, try using some of these tips…

Ask a Client to Share Their Experience

When you ask a client for a testimonial, it can stress them out. Some clients worry that they have to make the testimonial sound “just right” so they rewrite again and again until the final draft sounds like it was written by a robot.

To prevent this from happening to your clients, don’t ask for a testimonial. Instead, encourage them to share the customer experience with you. You could ask a question like, “What was your business like before you began working with me? What’s it like now? How is it different?”

These questions feel more like natural conversation starters than requests for testimonials. The way you phrase the questions can take the pressure off of you and your clients.

Send Out a Survey

Some clients may not be open to sharing their identity but they wouldn’t mind saying something nice about your work. This is especially true in niches where the service you’re providing is meant to stay invisible like ghostwriting or business management.
With these clients, it can be helpful to send out a survey. Keep the survey short by including no more than three questions. Choose questions that are open-ended and invite the user to share more information with you.

Follow Up with Past Clients

It’s easy to think that if you haven’t spoken to a client in a while that you shouldn’t reach out for a testimonial. But most clients won’t mind talking about how helpful your services were, even if you ask months after the job was done.

You could say something simple like, “We worked on [name of project] together in [timeframe]. I’m updating my website and featuring some of my past clients. When I thought about who to feature, you came to mind. Would you mind talking about your experience working with me? I have a simple 2-question form that you can fill out.”

Don’t feel like you have to reach out to every customer for feedback today. Instead, spread out your requests over the coming weeks. Doing this allows you to stay in touch with clients and build your testimonial file.

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